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Let's Talk: "Truthwitch" by Susan Dennard

Title: Truthwitch 
Author: Susan Dennard
Series: Witchlands #1
Genre: YA Fantasy
Page Length: 416 pages
Publication Date: January 5, 2016
Date Started: December 24, 2018
Date Finished: December 26, 2018
Rating: 5 // 5 stars


Ok, now that that's out of the way, let me just start by saying that this book was amazing! I've had a copy of this book since it was released almost three years ago and I cannot believe that it took me this long to read it. I don't know what the final push was, but I'm kicking myself for not having read this sooner. Although, on the flip side, not reading it right away means that I now have three books and a novella to binge before I have to begin waiting for the next one.

Everything about this was amazing. I haven't had a reading experience like this in a while and it was so amazing to get sucked in completely, have my heart beating fast, and to just feel this book. Lately, I've been reading a lot of books I've liked or enjoyed, but only a few per month have I loved. This is one of the ones I loved. I loved it, plain and simple. I cannot wait to read the sequel and I'm not sure how long I can hold off on that one.

Let's chat about all the things that I loved:

Safi and Iseult! Oh my gosh. I loved them so much! I love a good friendship but in a lot of books I've read, the romance takes the forefront and friendships typically get underdeveloped and take the backburner. That's not the case in this one. There was very little romance and instead we have these Threadsisters not letting anything come between them and going above and beyond to find each other. They don't let anything come between them and are just so close that I love it.

The way the romance was done, which is a little misleading to say because there was very little, almost none. The romance present here is definitely the slow-burn, slow-moving type and I don't typically see that in books lately. I think that it is pacing just right and, since we have the amazing Safi/Iseult friendship, I don't feel the need to demand the romance move faster.

The characters. Stemming from the prior two points, I loved the characters. None of them were perfect but they try their best, don't let anyone take advantage of them, and apologize when they're wrong. You could see the different ways the characters grew throughout this novel and I cannot wait to see what awaits them in the sequel. Safi and Iseult are especially my favorites. They're confident, badass, and just amazing.

There's swearing and sex-positivity! We don't see these two things often in YA novels and it was so refreshing to read that. I just...thank god we're finally getting these two things!

The plot and pacing. I loved the way this story was laid out and how it moved. There was never a moment I was bored. From the very first page, this story took off and never stopped moving. I was sucked in and didn't want to put it down until I finished. The story itself was also amazing. I loved the plot and how different things wove together. I'm also so excited to see how some of these loose ends get handled in the next books.

The only thing I will say is that occasionally the world building was lacking. Overall, by the end of the book I had a pretty good sense of the world but in the beginning there were some things talked about but never explained, so I was left a tad confused at times. However, there weren't info dumps and I'm glad we weren't told everything right off the bat. Learning about the world as we go is very efficient and I enjoyed that, but I sometimes wish some of the different witch-types and other aspects of the world were explained more. The plot and characters more than made up for any loss there and I do absolutely love this rich, intricate new world I get to explore further.

All I'm going to say to wrap up this review is that I have definitely found a new favorite and I cannot wait to see where this story takes us. 

Thanks for reading!

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