Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Hamilton Book Tag!

Hello everyone! If you are like me, you love musicals. I have never met a musical that I didn't like, and even though I'm still new to the genre, there are a few musicals that I absolutely adore. The Newsies is phenomenal and my all time favorite, but I also love Hamilton. Created by Lin Manuel Miranda, it tells the story of Alexander Hamilton's life. It is amazing and just has some stunning musical numbers. That being said, when I found out there was a Hamilton Book Tag, I knew I had to do it! This book tag was created by Maureen Keavy over on BookTube. Without further ado, let's go ahead and jump right in!!

For this one, I'm definitely going to have to go with Narnia for this one. The books and movies are part of my childhood and I've loved them for many years. I love the idea of a magical world where animals can talk and magic exists. 

There are so many of these, but I'm going to go with Mor from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas. While there is a lot of love for her, I feel like there could be even more. She has done so much for the Inner Circle and the story in general and I think she often gets overlooked for Feyre. Don't get me wrong, I adore Feyre, but I feel like Mor is vastly overshadowed by her. 
Art by Charlie Bowater on Tumblr

I'm going to go with Paige Mahoney for this one. There were a couple different characters that I thought of when this prompt came up, but Paige ended up being the obvious choice in my mind. If you've read any of The Bone Season books, then you'd know that she goes after what believes in and doesn't give up until she's achieved it. I admire her so much. She's such a strong character and I think we could all aspire to be more like Paige.
Art by Meg Phail on Tumblr

Arobynn Hamel was the first character to come to mind. It's not that he's sassy all the time, but there's a few things that he's done that are particularly petty and sassy. That being said, I absolutely despise him, but he is pretty petty and sassy if you think about it. 

There have been a lot of series that I marathoned, but I think my most proud marathon is The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I bought the first book and read it in about a day and immediately bought the rest. I loved reading this series and hope to revisit it very soon.

My favorite book with multiple POVs is my favorite book in general: Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas. This book absolutely blew me away and I cannot express how much I love it and this series. I wish I had the final book in my hands, but alas, it is not so. 

I can't say anything other than Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. From the massive success and theme parks to the amazing world, characters, and life lessons, this book series will no doubt be remembered for many many years to come. There's simply nothing else that compares, no matter how hard it tries. 

There are so many OTPs I could chose from, but I'll go with Percy and Annabeth from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and all its spin-offs. I loved both of them and knew that they had to end up together or else I would go crazy. They're slow burn and so so cute! 
Art by Taratjah on Tumblr

My favorite fight scene is definitely in Empire of Storms (spoiler ahead) when Aelin literally burned the Endovier overseer from inside out. It was so badass and I literally had to put the book down just to scream praises at Aelin and Sarah J. Maas. 

I had to go with Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I've loved this book series for over 10 years and, while I recognize that it has its problems that I didn't see when I was 8, I still love it. I know that it gets a lot of hate, which is why it's my guilty pleasure read. I'm never gonna stop loving it, though. It's a part of my nerdiness that is ingrained so deep that it's never coming out. 

I could list series after series for this, but I'm going to go with Twilight again. I love the ending of the series, but I kind of want a continuation to see how the characters are faring after the events of Breaking Dawn. Plus, I feel like a book focusing on Reneesme would be fun. 

There are, again, so many that I could chose but I have to go with my favorite: Dorian and Chaol from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. They would move heaven and earth for each other and I find that just so cute. Plus, they've been friends for so long that you can see the chemistry between them in every scene. I just adore them. 

There are so many considering I didn't get back into reading until 2015-2016, but I'm going to go with The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon and Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. Both of these series are awesome and so much fun, but I was so late to the party on these. 

Fred Weasley. That's all I'm going to say on this one. 

(Spoilers for The Dark Elements by Jennifer L. Armentrout) Probably when Roth was sucked into hell. It didn't end it forever as he came back, but it was still heartbreaking when it happened. 

There are so many. Tower of Dawn, first and foremost, blew my mind with the foreshadowing that came to light and so many other reveals. The Mime Order gave me whiplash with all the twists. That one scene in Illuminae also kicked me in the face. But that's just to name a few.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed!


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  1. I love Hamilton, especially Guns And Ships. I always replace "Fight for your land back" with "Fight for my book back" when singing!😂

    1. Omg I love that! It's also one of my favorites. I can finally do the entire rap and I'm low-key super proud of myself.