Friday, October 26, 2018

Sarah J. Maas's "Kingdom of Ash" World Tour Experience

As I sit down to write this, I'm still high off the experience of seeing Sarah and going to this amazing event. It was such a fun time and I'm so grateful that I got the chance to go. I still haven't figured out how to be a vlogger, though, so I'm just going to have to describe the experience for you guys!
I went to the Naperville (about an hour from Chicago) event hosted by Anderson's Book Shop on  Thursday, October 25th. I bought my tickets way back in July and have been waiting for this event to come ever since. Now that it's over, I'm a bit confused as to what to do with my life? 

Anyway, so on Thursday, I woke up at 6:30 in the morning and went to work. The entire time at work I read Kingdom of Ash in preparation for the event. I didn't finish it, but I was too excited to do anything but read KoA. Then I had to sit through a 2.5 hour art class. It honestly seemed like time took even longer than usual in that class. After the class was over, I rushed back to my dorm room where my mom and sister were waiting. They had driven to my college from where we live to drive me and my sister to the event. I had to change and quickly gather all my stuff and then we were on our way.

It took us a little under two hours to drive there (le sigh) due to the heavy congestion and traffic in Chicagoland from rush hour and endless construction zones. But we arrived! And then stood in the cold for a few minutes waiting in line to get inside. My nerves were so high and I was bouncing off the walls at this point. 

We got in and I could see the different activities they had going on as well as the entrance to the stage area. When we went in, they had someone scanning our tickets and handing us our signed tour edition. Then right behind them was someone handing us our tote bags, art prints, and pins. 

Since we were running 45 minutes behind, my sister and I immediately went to find seats. We found Liv (@livthebooknerd) and her boyfriend, Alex, and raced over to where they were sitting. Luckily, there were seats next to them with a pretty good view of the stage. Then we waited. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to save seats so I ended up being separated from my friends from home, but I got to hang out with them after the event so it was okay.

Then Sarah came out and I almost cried. I met Sarah two and a half years ago and she was the nicest, sweetest person I've ever met. Seeing her again, even though I didn't get to meet her again, was so amazing. She talked a lot about her writing process and how she uses music to draft and inspire her, which I thought was really amazing. I love listening to music while writing, but I've never used music as an inspiration and it was so cool hearing her talk about her process.

We also talked a lot about the characters, the series as a whole, and more. One of my favorite moments was when we talked about which of her characters would win Greatest British Baking Show. However, I don't think it could top when Sarah said that Rowan's Disney character is Zazu from the Lion King (brb still dying of laughter over here). Then we got introduced to baby Taran and oh my lord he's so cute. I just know that Sarah's going to be such a great mother.

After the event ended, we all headed into line for the photo booth. It was a loud, interesting time of the night. It was also super fun just to get to dress up with my friends even if only for a picture. This is also when I picked up a couple temporary Amulet of Orynth tattoos. They're so pretty and I can't wait to use them in Instagram props.

Unfortunately, the line to sign Sarah's tour copy of KoA was super long and my mom was waiting in the parking lot so I didn't sign her copy. However, I'm confident that I'll get to see her on another tour in the future and see her again.

Then, we said our goodbyes, gave our hugs, and left. We ate Panera in the car on the trip back to my dorm (which took us half as long because it was late and the traffic was pretty much dead) and talked about the event, her books, etc. Then I got back and went to bed because I was exhausted, but smiling the whole time.

Overall, the event was so fun. I met Liv, who I've been so excited to meet, and I got to see my friends from home and my sister. And, of course, I got to listen to Sarah talk. I know a lot of people have problems with her books, but they mean so much to me and this experience was such an amazing time that I'm always going to remember fondly.

Here's the different items that we got included in our tickets (a signed copy, a tote bag with the Amulet of Orynth sigil on it, a pin, a gorgeous Aelin art print from Charlie Bowater, and we could also pick up these temporary tattoos near the photo booth) I can't wait to use the temporary tattoos in my bookstagram photos. I also can't wait to add the pin to my collection! Having another signed book from Sarah just makes me so happy because I love her books so much and I can't wait to finish reading.


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