Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Unboxing: Fairyloot's "Beautiful Deceptions"

I got my first Fairyloot! I'm so excited! I've been following this company since they put out their first box two and a half years ago and I've wanted one ever since. This month, I finally got one! The theme was Beautiful Deceptions and contained so many amazing goodies and one of my most anticipated releases of the year! Let's go ahead and jump straight in.

So on top, we have the beautiful spoiler card print. On one side it has this month's artwork and on the other side it has a list of all the items in the box as well as shop names! At the end of the box, we also got a bookmark with the month's theme on it as well as our monthly Fairyscoop. 

The first item on top was a set of 3 Grisha pins. I will admit I haven't read the Grisha trilogy, but I have read Six of Crows, so I have a vague understanding of what the different orders are. And along with these pins, further in the box we got this beautiful SoC themed beanie. I love Fairyloot beanies because they're the perfect thickness for my taste and they're always so cute. 

Next, we got a set of playing cards themed after The Cruel Prince. The different face cards all have a different character on them with the normal numbered cards just regular black/red and white. The backs of the cards also have this pretty beetle on them. Unfortunately, as pretty as these cards are, I actually really hate The Cruel Prince so I will be giving these to one of my friends.

After that, we got this gorgeous keychain themed after The Winner's Curse. It's so beautiful and I know I'm too scared of ruining it by putting it on my keys so it will just sit pretty on my shelf next to the trilogy. We also got this pair of socks inspired by Red Queen. I haven't opened them yet but the crowns continue on each of the socks. Hopefully they'll help keep me warm during this undoubtedly chilling winter. 

My favorite item in this box besides the book is the Aelin inspired candle that we got! As I'm sure you know, Throne of Glass is my favorite series and I am beyond thrilled to have another candle themed after it. I cannot wait to use it in photographs. 

We also got two bonus bookmarks from the publishers. One is for Sawkill Girls and the other is for The Poppy War. I am super excited to read both of these books soon and I will definitely be using these bookmarks when I do. 

The final item we got was a bag of tea themed after the book of this month, which was Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan. I've been eagerly anticipating this book's release and I'm so excited to have this exclusive, signed edition with sprayed edges in my hands! It's soooo gorgeous! The book also came with a postcard of the original cover and an art print inspired by two of the characters! I cannot wait to dive in! 
Overall, I thought that Fairyloot nailed this box. I know for me personally, subscription boxes can be hit or miss since they sometimes include things I won't use or books I'm not interested in, but Fairyloot seems to nail it on the head. I cannot wait until I can get another one! 

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