Monday, October 29, 2018

Unboxing: The Bookish Box's "Kingdom of Ash" One-Time Box

Hello everyone! Today I am bringing you a brand new exciting unboxing! All the way back over the summer I purchased the one-time Kingdom of Ash themed box from The Bookish Box. Ever since, I've been eagerly anticipating its arrival. And today, it finally arrived! Unboxing this, I had the biggest smile on my face and now I'm here to share the contents with you all! 

The first item in this box was the spoiler card, but I didn't read that until I was through. Underneath that, there was this shirt with a quote from Kingdom of Ash. It says "In the face of unthinkable odds, they do the impossible." This shirt was from The Bookish Shop, who are the ones who designed this box. 
Next, I pulled out this mug, also from The Bookish Shop. It says "Fire Breathing Bitch Queen" on it atop crystals. This is one of my favorite designs and I'm so happy to finally have a piece of merch that says one of my favorite ToG lines on it. 

After that was the XL book beau that we knew we were getting. I love the design on it--it reminds me of Terrasen and has one of my favorite quotes on it, "The world will be saved and remade by the dreamers" which is from Empire of Storms. I'm actually very happy with this sleeve. The last time I got a book beau in a subscription box, the quality and craftsmanship was below par. However, this new one that I've gotten is so well made. I am very excited to use it! 

The next item we got was a pillow case with a quote about Manon on it that was designed by Evie Seo. The quote says "This witch had been crafted from darkness between the stars" and the design is beautiful. I was able to use one of my bed's throw pillows to put in this one and it fits well. I love how it looks. 

Next I pulled out a ring. It has a ghost leopard on it for Lysandra and it's definitely my style of jewelry. I like simplistic rings and this one is definitely up my alley. Unfortunately, it's too small for any finger except my pinky, but I'll either still wear it or use it for bookstagram props. 

The next item was this reversible pin from Dust and Pages. When I first pulled it out, I knew it said "Fireheart" but then later on I realized that I could flip it upside down and it says "Elentiya." It's really beautiful and I can't wait to photograph it. 

The second to last item was a candle from Whiskey Diamond Candle Co. The scent for this one is "Maeve's Sweet Smoke" and it smells amazing. I definitely think that the scent would be perfect for when I'm sitting and reading in the fall and winter.

The last item we got was a set of 10 tarot cards that were designed with artwork by @dianaworak. They're quite gorgeous, although there is a typo on one of them. Either way, I quite like them and can't wait to use them as props. 

Overall, I really liked this box. I think my favorite items are the candle or the book sleeve, although I do love everything else. I think that it was the perfect box to get the day after finishing the final book because my feels are still fresh.

Thanks for reading!

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